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Palm Beach County Sports Commission

2195 Southern Blvd, Ste 550

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Phone: (561) 233-3180

Fax: (561) 233-3125

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Sports Commission Contacts

George Linley

Executive Director

Phone: 561-233-3122

Michael Zeff

Senior Director

Phone: 561-233-3097

Glen Allen

Director of Sports Development

Phone: 561-233-3174

Scott Glinski

Senior Business Development Manager

Phone: 561-233-3182

Jared Fleet

Event Manager

Phone: 561-233-3120

Ariana Dominguez

Special Events & Business Development Manager

Phone: 561-233-3096

Khoury Smith

Sports Marketing & Development Manager

Phone: 561-233-3171

Janet Richmond

Finance & Management Assistant

Phone: 561-233-3184

Missy Gard

Administration Services Manager

Phone: 561-233-3121

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